Friday, July 6, 2012


Day 4: FUN!  
I'm hoping you all had a fabulous 4th of July! Mine was quite relaxing for the most part - at least until I had to work at night. I slept in late and we took our time getting ready that morning. Then off to my aunt and uncle's house for a feast! It was all delish. It was all over too soon before I had to leave, but I was able to dip my toes into the cool pool and work on my "tan" a little bit (I keep telling myself, these things take time!). 

What I really wish I had a picture of to show you is the fireworks I got to see from on of our patient's rooms that night. Honestly, it was such a fabulous  view of all of LA - you could see Dodger Stadium, downtown, clear out to the beach. It's amazing how many fire works go off all over our city. It was really beautiful!

Ok, so I cheated a little bit. I was at work on the fifth, which means I spend the rest of the day sleeping. It's been a crazy two nights in the hospital, so I didn't even really know what the photo of the day was supposed to be. But when I got home this morning, I realized this all actually worked out perfectly.  Last night as I was flipping these vial tops off, I thought I'd start saving them. I've seen a few photos that other nurse/artists have done with these and thought, why not? These caps get popped off all night long, and in the rush of the night, if you have bad aim, they always end up ON THE FLOOR! So this is my new little collection. Gray=Benadryl; light pink and small = heparin; bigger light pink = saline; big dark pink = sterile water; green= ampicillin. Not that you really cared to know that, but I think it's cool....let me know if you can think of a cool project to incorporate these in to. 

These photos were taken with my new "lomo" app on my HTC inspire, both using the LOMO filter, and then doctored up on Picasa