Saturday, November 10, 2012

I'm back!

I'm back! We're married! We moved! We went to Hawaii and back! And now we're finally connected to the internet again!  It feels good to have the keyboard under my fingertips once again (and not just at work!).

I'm married!  Can you believe it!? As much as everyone tells you that the day is just going to fly by, you really don't believe them fully until the day has passed and you look back thinking, "did that really happen?"  I still can only recall snapshots of the wedding day, but fortunately they are beautiful pictures, and even more fortunately, our friends and family capture some moments for us. I am so looking forward to seeing the professional photos from the big day!

It was such a beautiful day full of family, friends, tradition, and love. I couldn't have asked for more, except maybe to remember it all or go back and live it again... but I guess that's why we hired a videographer!

I feel like there is so much to say. So much has changed and is different in my life. We had a blast in Hawaii, and then we came back from paradise and it was "back to life, back to reality." Which is still really fab, but now we're juggling getting married and getting used to living together, cooking, cleaning and all that, with work, and wanting to spend time with family too. That's the hardest adjustment, just like I knew it would be. Being away from home, away from my routine, things the way they were. Don't get me wrong, I am so totally happy, but it's still a really tough adjustment to make. And then trying to juggle time around so that we can still get time to see everyone and go home for visits and still have time to unpack and furniture shop and get used to being at home too. It's tough, but it's all a part of the change I guess.  It's nice to know that I am going through it with someone who gets me and what I am going through. 

And you still make time. We are both working nights tonight. E just left and now I am going to head off to meet my mommy for a nail appointment before I have to head off for work tonight! It's not a lot of time together, but I am learning to cherish each moment, long or short. And I am so looking forward to seeing her!

But married life has been super fun. In fact, it was 4 weeks ago today that it all started! We still have a pile of boxes in the living room and a futon for our couch (thanks Pops!), and presents to unpack, and things to rearrange, but it's good. It's sort of an exciting chaos. To be able to decide together where to put things, or where not to put things, to cook dinner before E comes home from work, or to take a trip to the market together and come home and whip something up for dinner. It's fun. A lot of times I feel like it really hasn't kicked in yet, it still sort of feels like we're playing house. But then I get to introduce E as my husband and it all sinks in again, and I remember that it wasn't all just a dream. This really happened. And it's pretty amazing. 

I have so much more to tell, but right now I need to get ready to see my mama and then head off to work. But it's so fun to be back online!