Thursday, July 2, 2015


Reading: I've been getting into reading again. I sort of stopped after having the baby (gee, I wonder why...). My reading lately has only consisted of articles and message boards online, maybe the odd essay here and there, but it's been short and inconsistent. This week I opened up the Nook app on my phone again and started reading. I had forgotten how much I love falling into a story. I'm reading "Shopaholic to the Stars." I know, I know, not the most mind expanding literature, but it's fun and makes me laugh and I have read the whole series and love them all. I've been reading on my phone which is great because I always have it on me and I can just read a page or two here and there, and then a few more before bed. It's slow, but so good for me and I'm loving it.

Thinking about: I have always been the kind of person that thinks I can do anything. And I think that's a good thing. I have a good imagination and I feel like if I can think it, I can do it. Lately my mind has been racing with ideas and things I want to do and accomplish. There are so many things. Business opportunities, continuing education, design and decorating ideas, the (very fleeting) idea to clean the front room. The problem is I'm more about the ideas then the doing. My mind is working a mile a minute with ideas and ventures and ways to work from home so I can spend more time with my little guy, but when it comes down to it, I need a kick in the butt about actually doing the work.

Listening: Podcasts are my go-to right now. I am hooked on a few of them and love driving because that's my me-time where I can tune into my radio friends. I've been listening to "Totally Mommy" and "One Bad Mother" and loving that I always feel like I'm listening to old friends. They're great podcasts for moms to just feel like they're not alone in those times when you feel like no one gets it.

Watching: We're trying to make the OITNB season last. We're actually doing better than last year. It's been out 3 weeks and we still have 3 episodes left (last year we finished everything in a week). I guess having a 10 month old makes it harder to watch "grown up shows," especially when a certain someone isn't going to bed at his usual time on some nights. But we're loving the season and getting to know some of the other characters more, because really, Piper's life isn't the most interesting.

Loving: My little boy is 10 months old! He is Mister Personality and just so much fun. I am loving every minute of being his mama, even when he's trying to test his limits and learning how much he doesn't like the word "no." He's growing so fast and while part of me misses his tiny little curled up baby-ness, I am loving watching him learn and grow and knowing that he is right where he is supposed to be. We have so much fun together and I just see the fun multiplying in leaps and bounds!

Feels good to be back up and writing again, I have lots of plans for this blog, so we'll see what happens! But for now, this has been good.