Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In My Life - and other things

I know I've gone AWOL lately with this blog. I've been kind of in a funk about it. I read other blogs just about every day, and when I read them, my general thoughts go like this: 1) "Wow...that's really cool. I want to do something cool like that;" and then 2) "I really need to start blogging again...but what I have to say doesn't seem as exciting as this."  And then I don't blog.

What amazes me still, is that even though it's been well over a week (maybe 2?), since I last posted, I still have people checking out my site. This is what I saw last night when I logged in, thinking maybe it was time to write again. 

SERIOUSLY!  In the grand scheme of other bloggers who do this for a living, this is like the daily site hit list. But for me, as some random blogger just starting out, who has a day night job and doesn't blog consistently, this is pretty awesome.  So THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of you fabulous readers who stop by to hear what I have to say, even when I'm not always around. You make me want to keep doing this!

On the other hand, I really shouldn't be blogging just for the sake of building readership and getting more hits. I read this post this morning from Elise's blog. Her blog is pretty much what got me up here in Blogland and writing, and that post got me to write this post again today. I have to remember that this blog is for ME. To write again, to document my life, to post what's going on. But it's mine and for me, and if you love reading it, or even if you just like reading it... that's an extra bonus!  So without further adieu... here's an In My Life post to cover the last 2 weeks.  

Walking: In Her Shoes! Team In Her Shoes, that is!  Two weeks ago my Mom lead a group of 17 of us walkers to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.  It was an amazing experience and definitely unforgettable. I've participated in this walk 5 times now, and my mom has done it 9 times. 39.3 miles to end breast cancer. Many of these team mates had never walked something like this. And they all did it! I'm so proud of each an every one of them, and especially proud of my mom who inspired them all to walk it, and who inspires me every day to be the best person I can be! Our team raised over $33,000 dollars for breast cancer research and treatment.... that's amazing! Thank you to everyone who donated and for everyone who cheered us on! We heard you! I wanted to post in more detail about the walk, about the journey. But right now, I think I'm still processing it all. One of these days I might share that here, but for now, I'm just happyproudexcited that we all did it!

Counting: down to the wedding! 10 days! Can you believe it!? I can't. I still can't believe it's already October!  Of course my desire to come back here and blog more comes right possibly the busiest time of my life ever, and 12 days before I leave town and my computer for our honeymoon. But whatever - I'm getting married!!! 

Loving: that we're getting to have a little pre-wedding fun now that we're in the home stretch. Getting nails done, getting pampered. Putting the daros (favors) together, and some other surprises I hope to blog about next week! It's leading up to the big day, and making it more exciting than stressful. I'm also loving that our house is almost ready for us to move in to and I can't wait to see all our new furniture and gifts actually unpacked!  I'm loving the time I get to spend with family at home just being normal too. I think the scariest thing about getting married is not the big life changing decisions, or the commitment.  But for me, it's the idea that I won't have this time with my family in the same way. Sure we will get together and talk on the phone everyday, and text all day long. But it's a big change, and one that's going to be the hardest to face. So all I can do is enjoy the time I've got at home and remember all the fabulous times, and know that it's all a part of life, and like my mom said, it must mean I had a pretty amazing 25 years.  So true.

Reading: other blogs. Nothing else really. I feel like my attention span lately is only enough for a few paragraphs. In fact, the idea that I have been sitting here and writing for so long is pretty amazing. 

Listening: to advice. Everyone's got something to say about getting married and being together. I'm trying to figure out what of it makes sense for me and for us. I am so excited for what is to come, but I know it's going to be very different for us... the longest time we've ever spent together is 1 week, on family vacations. So life with just the two of us is going to be something entirely new and wonderful. 

Thinking: about everything that has to get done. Thinking about how quickly time is flying. Thinking about being at work for two more nights, and then being off for 3 fabulous weeks. Thinking about all the changes that are about to happen and how there's really nothing to do but take it all in one at a time and trust and love and experience it all.

Looking forward: to all the festivities. To making the daros and the rehearsal. Looking forward to a spa day with my mama. To moving in to a new home, to decorating. To meeting new family and friends and to marrying my best friend.

The next 10 days are going to be a whirl wind, and I'm ready!