Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lazy day

I won't tell you how lazy of a day it's been, so you don't start to think differently of me. I have to go to work tonight, so I needed to catch some ZZZzzz's to make it through. Now I'm sitting in the kitchen (my favorite spot so far), enjoying a cup of coffee and catching up on blogs and looking up some recipes for Thanksgiving. What I am not doing right now: making dinner, doing dishes, folding laundry, or unpacking 
more things. I am doing me-time right now. And I like it. 

I found this blog called Wise Craft yesterday. Another blogger-crafter-doer. I am still getting into it, but she posted this post today, and I really loved it. I like the idea of having a mantra or a saying or something in your mind to keep you going. And I superly (yes, really) loved how she displayed it on the banner using what she had on hand. I've seen other bloggers display similar things in different ways, cross stitch, word art, screen print, stamps, etc. What would my project say? I want a saying/phrase/something ... words to live by. There are so many though, it's hard to choose. Any thoughts? 

Right now I am just rambling on. Maybe I need a phrase or a saying to get me motivated to get up and make dinner on days like this. :)   I just feel energy-zapped (possibly due to too much sleep?) and need some creative inspiration.