Saturday, February 16, 2013

Catching up

Hello hello.  I'm so sorry.  I feel like I've abandoned ship in a way and left you all with one soup a week and that's it...and even that I couldn't get to you on time. 

Things have been quite busy and at many times very overwhelming lately.   Especially at work.  We recently lost a patient we were all very close with and it's been hard to deal with. I'm not sure if I'll be ready to post about that here, it's all so raw still.  But I am dealing, and, as always, cooking a lot.

This year for Valentine's day, E and I decide not to fight the crowds and to spend the evening in cooking together.  It was lovely.  We went with a "surf'n'turf"theme and grilled lobster for the first time, and filet minion a d green beans and potatoes and some delicious wine. We had fun in the cooking but more importantly we got to spend time together.

And then there was pie.  A few years back E made me the most delicious cherry pie ever on Earth and he gave it to me in this lovely heart dish. This I thought, now that we're married,  it would be fun to make a Valentine pie in that same dish each year on Valentine's day...make a new tradition.  So we did and since it was so last minute we made a canned peach pie because that is what we had. It looked beautiful and it taste d...well...good. but it looked beautiful and the point was that we made it together in our heart dish, on Valentine's day and we made a new tradition. 

Despite the hectic week we had a wonderful day together.   How did you celebrate heart day??

I've got soup #7 in the crock pot now... trying something very new and different. Looking forward to posting it here. Stay tuned!