Thursday, February 21, 2013

Crocheting together

Remember when I first posted about these crocheted squares?? Last year I decided to work on a blanket for myself (well, for me and E) and I decided that starting out by making small 25x25 squares would be a good way for me to stay motivated. I've been working on them on and off, all over the place and until about two weeks ago felt like I've been working on a giant collection of potholders. As I started on my last color of squares (black), we had my mom over for dinner, and she finally convinced me to start piecing it all together.

E and my dad watched Battleship in the living room while mom and I perched ourselves at the dining room with cups of tea and our projects. Mom is working on a baby blanket for her first granddaughter, my stepsister's baby. And she taught me a simple way to stitch the squares together to finally start making a blanket big enough for me and not a bunch of dolly covers. It took a lot of stretching and playing around with it all, since, despite making them all 25x25 stitches, some are small and some are larger and some are a little lopsided. But this blanket is finally happening.  
 Pretty cool, no?  I used a single stitch for all the squares, and the big black rows are a double stitch, skipping 3 stitches to make little windows.  I have gotten a bit further than this last picture shows, but I want to save the progress until I have a completed blanket to show you!

I know it took a while, but this was definitely the way to go for me. I'm already brainstorming more projects to work on, but for now, my focus is finally finishing this one!