Friday, February 22, 2013

Choose - February update

I feel like I say this every month, but where has the time gone? How is it already February 22nd? This month has been lightning fast and super slow all at the same time, and I am really not sure how to explain that, but BAM! it's almost the end of the month. I'm sure you can tell it's been a busy one since all my soups have been posted late, and it wasn't until this last week that I finally got around to adding some other non-soup related posts on here. 

I wanted to write a post to update myself (and you all, if you choose to keep reading) on what's going on with my One Little Word. Yes, I signed up for Ali Edward's class, but no, I really haven't been following along. Mostly due to issues of time, but I also didn't realize it was going to be so scrapbook/Project Life oriented, and unless I plop myself on the floor of our spare bedroom/room that has all of the stuff we don't have another place for right now, and try to hash out some craftiness, I really don't have a place to get this all done. Which is also why, after this post about my first page of Project Life, I really haven't made much any progress.  I don't really know if I want to choose to make that project a priority this year.   

So speaking of choosing, this month I had posted here about practicing CHOOSE in my life. I guess this is just one of those months were I'm just not feeling it. Most of the time, it's only a faint whisper that's easy to ignore, but it seems that even when I am reminding myself of my one little word, it seems redundant and not very helpful. 

I think I just need to refocus. 

It's not just to practice my right to choose, or my ability to make decisions, it's about choosing the option that is best. Choosing to be open, choosing to embrace something new, choosing to tackle something scary, choosing to stay focused on a goal. Choosing to spend my time wisely, and choosing to get things done. 

Well that's all well and good, and now that I've put it down in words, I guess I shouldn't choose be lazy about the errands I have to run later today. But that's all part of it I guess. And if I am choosing to stay focused on a goal, maybe I need to set aside some project life time, even if it does mean turning the spare bedroom into a crafty mess for a while. Maybe that will inspire us to actually start to organize the space a little more! 

So thanks for listening, I feel refocused a little bit already.