Friday, January 18, 2013

Project Life 2013

It seems like most of what I've posted lately has been about food and cooking. It's a pretty big part of my life right now, and I love sharing that on here. BUT this blog is called "Love Well Crafted" so I thought it'd be best to post something a bit more crafted today. 

If you haven't heard of Project Life, you can read more about it HERE. It's basically scrapbooking without all the glue and scissors. It's about documenting life. Even everyday life. I really wanted to do this last year, but wasn't too sure about the investments involved. I started out scrapping in a different way (with a lot of glue) and I got to document a lot my my year, but by about June, I'd pretty much gotten busy with wedding planning and training for the Avon Walk to sit and craft it all out. 

This year I've decided that it's something I want to commit to. I am choosing to commit time to it. I am also choosing to not beat myself up about it if I fall  behind, or forget to add something. It's more about the memories captured vs. the time spent on it. 

So far I've been printing my own pictures, and I'm not sure if I am going to keep up with that or start printing at a store instead. I'll have to weigh the cost and the time. We'll see. I purchased the Seafoam kit that Elise designed because I love the colors, the lines, the design, and I love that I followed her blog through the whole process of it being developed. 

This is the front page of my album. I added two pictures from our wedding. This album is documenting our very first full year together, and I wanted to show our beginnings. I am working on the next page now, and I want it to show a little about the two of us and how we are RIGHT NOW. It will be interesting to see what has changed by the end of the year. 

I'll be posting my layouts on here from time to time, depending on how they come out, how long they take, and how personal they might be. I am looking forward to getting started with this and joining the project life community. I am also hoping to use this to document my 52 soups, my monthly goals, as well as my One Little Word adventures. 

Are you participating in Project Life? I'd love to hear about your experiences or see your layouts!