Monday, December 31, 2012

My One Little Word 2013

Happy New Year's Eve to everyone out there, and thank you for keeping up with me through a year of blogging. I'm ready for 2013 and ready to commit some serious blog time, and time to focus of all the fun stuff that's yet to come.  Speaking of focus... I've decided to commit to a project that will have be focusing on One Little Word.

If you haven't heard of this before, or your sitting here staring at the screen wondering what the heck I am talking about and why I would spend so much time thinking about just one word when I blog using so many...I suggest you take a moment (I promise it won't take long) to check out what this is all about HERE.  Basically, I've decided not to focus on specific resolutions this year. I don't have the attention span to make a decision today that will work for the whole year, but I am focusing on me, my approach to life and all that it has to offer, and doing that they best way that I can. By focusing on one word that might help me act/react/live/be/etc better then 2013 is probably going to be pretty awesome, and I will likely get a lot more accomplished throughout the year that I am proud of, rather than not following through with one or two unrealistic new year's resolutions. 

I had the challenge then of coming up with what word to pick. Other than the little description from Ali Edwards in the link above, the only way I know about this project is through Elise's blog and what she did last year.   I loved how Elise chose the word "choose" to be her little word. And because I have followed her with this word all year, and seen how she posted about it, etc. I totally didn't want to pick this word. I came up with so many other amazing and great words that my life could revolve around, I brainstormed a lot (while riding my new bike) and came up with some good ideas and thoughts like these:

Well - I loved the idea of this word, especially with the new blog title. Focus on doing things WELL: living well, eating well, loving well... now that I write about it maybe I'll change my mind... ;) just kidding.

Faith - This word plays such a big role in my life, it makes total sense that it would be my one little word. A reminder to believe (also another contender), have strength (yup, another one...), and have FAITH in all that I do.

Home - Two months post wedding I have a new home in which I live, and that's totally different for me. Where your heart is and where your family is and where you call home can be many places (I'm learning) and that's been a struggle for me to deal with, so I thought focusing on HOME might be a good one for 2013.

Embrace - There have been a lot of changes in my life lately, and they tend to throw me for a loop sometimes. Focusing on EMBRACE would mean welcoming the changes into my life and dealing with them as they come. 

There were many more thoughts floating around on my head late at night, or at work, while driving, etc. And I fought choose  really hard, I didn't want to pick that. But I went to Elise's blog and read about why she picked this word last year, and I realized (well, I'm pretty sure of it anyway), that CHOOSE chose me this year. It's about choosing how you react to life. Choosing how you approach situations. Choosing what to do with your time and Choosing who you want to be and how you want to get there. 

I felt like with most of the other words I had chosen, they were all a choice. I could choose to live well, I could choose to embrace situations (and hey, maybe there are situations I have to choose to not embrace).  They are all decisions to make and despite how much I fought it in the beginning, for 2013, my one little word is choose

I'm not saying I am going to be 100% fabulous about choosing right, I might even choose wrong. But this year I want to focus on how I choose to react to situations in my relationships, how I choose to embrace or not embrace changes that come my way, how I choose to spend my free time (crafts and cooking - and blogging of course!), and how I choose to live well, live happy, live strong, live in faith, live in love, and love my home. 

Wow, that was a lot of words.  

So fellow bloggers - what say you? What do you think of the One Little Word challenge?  Are you going to join me? What word would you choose?