Sunday, June 3, 2012

Desperately seeking calendar

I'm feeling quite disorganized today, and felt the need to get everything down on paper, with a to-do list and all. Except, that I am currently using my Google Calendar, which is synced with Eric's, as well as my work schedule, and the calendar in the kitchen, and random scraps of paper, plus my memory, to remember everything that is going on. And it's not working. I need to write on paper, I know it's 2012, but that's what works for me.

So I went on this mad search for calendar refills for my organizer. Two Rite Aids, CVS, Ralphs, and Walgreens were all useless, and of course, being after 7pm on a Sunday, Office Depot was closed. So I came home empty handed, ready to search again tomorrow, but with this intense itch to write down everything. I may just print up some blank calendar pages and get to it. No, must practice patience.

Here's a snap of my calendar from July 2010... in the middle of summer session at CSULA, during my ICU rotation, and right as I started as a PCSA at Children's. Seems like just a few months ago - how time flies!