Sunday, June 3, 2012

Freshly picked.

Just picked these berries with Mom from our side yard ... delish!

Still thinking about the June goals.  I went to work just after posting them and I really made an effort to not complain - even in my head. Believe it or not, it totally worked. I had a great night at work without the usual exhausted feeling that starts to peak around 2am. There may have been a whole bunch of things that factored into it, but I'd like to think that the lack of negativity totally made the difference! Only three days in, but I'm feeling the positive energy sink in.

Other June goals not mentioned earlier: *take vitamins (daily! not just once) *take more pictures with a real camera (since Instagram for Android came out, that's all I've been using!) *make more coffee at home (I've been taking advantage of my new Starbucks Gold card) *carry myself with some more poise and be aware of potential hazards around me... I've been way too clumsy lately, as anyone who has seen the lovely shiner on my left arm (and the one on my right shoulder) can attest to!   *Blog more.  So far so good, just got to keep it up!

Eric and I finally got to spend some time together last night. It was the first time in a while that we'd had time just to ourselves to go out and not deal with anything wedding related. I've realized that this is not normal. When I talk to people and tell them that Eric and I haven't seen each other in about a week and a half... and that it's usually once a week (if that) that we get together... people are usually stunned. Funny. This is our norm, has been for 7 years (!) now. I guess you can say it's true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. It makes the time we have together more exciting and special. Still, definitely making another goal: *to see each other more often. We're so far from a regular routine  that when we get married, it is going to be a big adjustment... but a very good one.  And I'm excited.

Alright June, we're 3 days in and so far you've been good to me, and I've been good to me. Bring it on.