Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Project Decorate: In The Garden / Part 2

So earlier this month you got a quick post with some crazy looking kale before I uprooted just about everything in our little plot that we planted back in January. But with birthday craziness, getting the house ready and all the other responsibilities that come with know, being an adult (I guess...), we never really got around to showing you what got done! 

Things have still changed a bit since these photos, and we'll post more soon, but here's a shot at the pretty flowers we bought (I LOVE snap dragons!), and you can see that there are some veggies too! 

In the plot we left the lavender, because unlike the kale, it still looked pretty and mostly, because the bees love it.  I woke up super early and dug up the plants, turned the soil and got it ready... I also realigned the scalloped bricks (which was a LOT of work!). Then I planed two rows of the snap dragons toward the back, and two rows of Indian paintbrushes (those wispy flowers) toward the front, then there were the sunflowers.  

Every year on Earth day my mom and I would plant sunflower seeds. This year, we weren't together on the actual day, but I on the day before we planted seeds in her garden. She gave me a pack to take home, but I put off planting them until I was ready with some good soil and a good spot. So behind the snap dragons and against the wall I planted (a whole pack! of) sunflowers. I can't wait to see how tall they're going to get... before the birdies attack!

It was a ton of work, but it was fun! I kept thinking about our dream garden... a mini farm's worth of vegetables, gorgeous flowers... maybe one day. But for now, our little plants are making us quite happy!  

What kind of plants are you gardening this spring? Do you have veggies? What are your tips and tricks?