Thursday, May 2, 2013

Project Decorate: Kitchen Art

TA DA!  I don't have any pictures to lead into this one of my progress and the days and days of converting  my kitchen into an art studio with paint and brushes everywhere, mostly just because it was all a big mess. But I've been thinking about this painting for a long time and I am so excited that I've finally finished and completed it!

If you follow me on Instagram, I posted a picture not too long ago of a sketch that turned out something like this... impressions of carrots, peas, and tomatoes. I really wanted to make it into a bigger picture and was thrilled when E suggested the exact same thing before I could even say it! I went out and bought some canvas (this one is small, only 18x24) and had to find my paints. Turns out they were still at my mom's so the project was delayed until I could go over to visit again and bring home my box of paints from 7 + years ago. Good thing acrylic doesn't go bad!

So I started working and first started just painting the carrots, on the white background. I soon realized that filling the background in later would be a big problem. So I mixed up the red/brown color and covered everything up for a do-over. And I am so happy I did. Sometimes all you need is a clean slate. The carrots and peas came out better than ever and I love the contrast of the bright colors against the dark backgrounds. My technique is lots of paint... I love the texture that it creates on the canvas. Of course, it was a little harder to achieve this on the detailed little peas, but I worked slowly and practiced patience and I love how it all turned out. 

My first full painting in years, and my first painting signed with my new initials. AND I think it might be the first painting in a series of paintings. We have this one hanging on a big blank wall in the kitchen (it's not blue...even though this picture makes it look that way!) and it just needs something up there with it. I have two smaller 9x12 canvases that might have to join it on either side. But for now, I am loving my kitchen art. 

Another project down!