Sunday, November 16, 2014

growing up and packing up

My little nugget is 10 weeks old. I don't think I'll ever stop saying's been the longest shortest time of my life.  I'm even typing this with one hand, holding him in the other. Welcome to blogging little buddy.

This week I realized just how much he's grown (he's double his birth weight already!) when we had to try on multiple outfits a day...looking for something that would fit,  We're officially out of newborn clothes and into the 3 months.  When did that happen?  I packed up the little onesies with a bittersweet feeling.  He's growing so well. So well.  But I thought about the sweet little outfits he wasn't going to be able to wear anymore.  The one he came home in from the hospital in. The ones that family brought us the week he came home because no one was expecting that he was going to be small enough to fit into newborn clothes and we didn't have enough. The cute one with the mustache face and attached shorts. They're all packed away. Tucked in the closet for a while. Maybe if we're blessed with another little boy, he'll stay warm in these. And we'll remember how cute they all were. And if not, maybe a baby clothing quilt will be in the works... one day.

But for now, they're packed away and waiting. And we're here enjoying each day as it comes, still growing.