Monday, December 22, 2014

Comfy & Cozy Must Haves

'Tis the season! Christmas is literally days away, it's so hard to believe. I'm definitely getting in the spirit and it's helping that for the first time in quite a while we're actually having chilly winter days! Our Southern California Christmases are usually fully of lovely gifted sweaters that you want to wear all day on Christmas, only to find you can't wait to get it off because it's 80 degrees outside. This year we've had rain in December and the nights are cold enough for us to use our flannel sheets and keep the heater on.

Any cold winter day (especially when on maternity leave, and while prepping for Christmas) requires some cozy essentials to get you in the spirit of the holidays and help you enjoy those chilly nights. Here are my cozy-must haves that help me stay warm and comfy.

A soft blanket: Blankets are something I absolutely love. Handmade, store bought, what have you, nothing beats a well made blanket to keep you warm on a cold day. These blankets and bedding sets from Parachute Home look absolutely snuggly (and pretty!) - I'd love to cuddle up with one of these next time it's raining out! Not to mention they help out a good cause too which is a double win in my book!

A hot cup of tea: Scratch that - a pot of tea is more appropriate. I can't believe I am saying this, but I've actually had more tea than coffee lately! We have a special "cold remedy" tea that's been working wonders, and tastes delicious (which means I'll drink it at the slightest tickle in my throat). I'm also loving a cup of English Breakfast in the morning!

Christmas lights: Usually when I'm spending my day curling up, it's in the living room (by the window, especially when it's raining!), which means I am right next to the Christmas tree. So on go the lights to twinkle on while I get comfy. The amazing smell of the tree helps too!

A scented candle: If the smell of the tree weren't enough, I have a "fresh balsam" scented candle that really adds to the mood. Nothing like the lovely scent of pine to help you feel warm on a cold day.

A good movie: I love cuddling up with an old favorite. My go-to for days like this is usually Julie & Julia, or something with food that's photographed well! (future movies to add to this list: 100 Foot Journey and Chef)

My tablet: Cozy time is Pintrest time, I love browsing boards and getting inspired. I also like to catch up with all the blogs I follow, and when I get the chance to read, I take it!

My baby boy: The best perk of maternity leave in December (aside from having the baby and all the joy that comes with that!) is getting to curl up on the couch with my little guy and cuddle. He's a snuggly one when he's not trying to wiggle around (OK so he's snuggly sometimes), but he's also like my own personal heater, so we're always cozy and warm when we're together. And, let's be honest, he's the best part of curling up on the couch any day!

It's a Monday morning in December, we're 3 days away from Christmas and I have a ton of presents to wrap and a stocking to make (will share as soon as it's done...which will hopefully be before Christmas!), but right now, it's chilly, the heaters on and the Christmas tree's twinkly lights are calling my little one and I to snuggle up on the couch and enjoy the day all comfy & cozy.