Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Goals

Monthly goals were sort of a thing of last year (or was it the year before?), and since 2014 started and blogging became a big blur, goals were sorta out the window. But...let's be honest. I need to start being a little more productive on my days off. There's a baby coming in 4 1/2 months (YIKES!!!) and we're not ready there yet. It's April which means spring time, Easter, and only 1 month til my birthday (double YIKES!!!) But now that it's April 2nd and you all won't think this is on giant April Fool's joke, let's get down to some of these goals that I'd like to accomplish this month.

1. Finish cleaning out baby's room - right now the room is still filled with boxes of china and glasses for special occasions, and a ton of other junk that came with E and I when we moved in 1 1/2 years ago. This poor child needs some SPACE to play around in. This month I want to get all of OUR stuff out of there so we can figure out what it's going to start looking like.

2. Sign up for my CPN certification - CPN stands for Certified Pediatric Nurse. I took the review course last June and the books have been sitting and taunting me ever since. Before I head off on maternity leave and trade in my already iffy pregnancy brain in for baby brain and forget everything, I really need to take this test!

3. Blog consistently - this last week of blogging has got me back on the bandwagon. I've realized how much I really love this processes and putting life and ideas and crafts out there. While it's been great getting something posted every few days, I know that with my track record, that won't continue unless I make it happen. I want to set a goal to have a blog post up at LEAST every Wednesday.  If I do more, that's awesome, but when things get busy, I want to just know that I'm going to be creative in this space at least once a week. And I like Wednesdays.

4. Do more Yoga! I say it that was because more would imply that I've actually been doing some. I've had a yoga for pregnancy book since early in the 1st trimester and started out totally gung-ho about it. But ... well... yoga is not easy to follow off of a book, and it seems the days that I really need it (like when my back is aching) are the days I'm at work, and when I get home I'm too tired to do anything, and the days I'm off and have the time, I've gotten good sleep and my back is feeling much better again.  But last week my mom bought me a Yoga for Pregnancy DVD and I've got to get that thing into the player and just do it. I have a feeling my back and my brain (and maybe baby) will thank me.

5. Get our garden planted - Last week E and I started working in our garden again. And while it's not the all-out event it was last year, we're still getting some good veggies in the ground. We already have 4 tomato plants (one is upside down in a hanging planter) and sweet peppers, and some cilantro, parsley, and basil growing, and we have 3 artichokes and a cucumber plant we want to get in the ground before it's too late! I'd also like to plant some more succulents in the front yard and maybe a few other veggies in the back, but whatever we decide to plant, I want to plant it this month! After all - Earth day is coming up!

So there you have it. 5 goals 1 month. I think I can get this done - and hopefully some more.  I have one other goal - which is to start another baby-related craft project - but I think these 5 should sort of take priority. Chances are next week I will make a trip to JoAnn's and get started on something anyway, but I want these goals to be the focus of the month. It's OK if my project goes into May, but these goals are April goals.