Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's a...


Everything has been non-stop. Work, work, work, and when we weren't at work we were making it to doctor's appointments and finding out some incredible news. We had our anatomy scan and were so delighted to see our baby moving around on the screen (I am still not feeling much movement, so seeing baby move was super reassuring!). But even more exciting than that is that we found out that our gut feelings were.... absolutely....WRONG!  We were so convinced that baby was a girl, so when the nurse said.... "you're having a boy".... our jaws dropped and we were like, "WHAT?!"  

Despite the surprise we are so extremely excited and blessed to have a healthy little guy on the way. Now we can stop referring to him as "it" or "he or she"  HE is really in there and he is super awesome. We didn't want to share the news with our family just over the phone or text, so we decided to have a gender reveal party on Saturday to make it a bit more exciting for them - after all this is their first grand child! (Side bar to my co-workers: if you're reading this, and piecing it together...yes, I really did know it was a boy on Thursday and Friday, I just knew that if you knew I was keeping it a secret I would so seriously blow it! Sorry!!)

It was so much fun to see everyone's anticipation. We had everyone tally their vote and wear a color-coordinating baby pin with their guess. I also wanted something for the baby's room as a reminder of the day and everyone who was there.  We had each person leave a fingerprint in pink or blue - whatever their guess was - and sign their name. The fingerprints turned into a bunch of balloons on some art the E and I both made together for our little guy's room. I was getting worried that he was going to have a bunch of pink balloons in his room, but it worked out OK in the end! 

We're so excited to share the news and so happy that we can really start getting ready now!