Friday, April 18, 2014

Mid-Pregnancy Must-Haves

Being past the half way point is blowing my mind. There is a little baby boy inside me. I have been tracking his growth in sizes of fruit since it was only a mere poppy seed. Now you are a cantaloupe and becoming an eggplant next week! Pretty soon you'll be getting a driver's license and finding a prom date (yikes!).

But seriously, I can't believe the time has flown by so quickly. 21 weeks down, and there are a few things that were super necessary these last 4 1/2 months that I thought I would share with you!

1. Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins with DHA - I debated putting this one up there because it make me burp up a fish taste if I don't take it with enough food. In the early weeks I was taking it with my "breakfast" (usually something small on the way to work) and all morning I would be burping a nasty fish taste. But once I decided to switch it over to taking them with dinner, all is well and I haven't had an issue. I love them because while they're pretty large, they're smooth capsules that make them easy to swallow and don't leave a taste in your mouth. I thought about the chewable gummy kind but figured I would probably end up eating them all as a sweet snack.

2. My Snoogle - We bought this when I was about 15 weeks pregnant, sleeping with about 4-5 pillows and feeling super uncomfortable. I am so thankful that I did! Now I just use this and gave the rest of the pillow to my hubby. It helps me sleep on my sides more comfortably now that baby is bigger, and sleeping with the pillow between my legs has reduced lower back pain exponentially! Definitely a must!

3. Your Pregnancy Week by Week -  My mom bought me this book shortly after we broke the news to them and I love reading it every week. Similar to "What to Expect..." it goes through body changes and changes in your baby, but it's actually written by doctors. I love that it's simple to skim through and each section in labeled simply so if it doesn't apply to you you can skim over it, or if you're looking to read about a certain thing, it's easy to find. It tells it to you straight to keep you informed without freaking you out unnecessarily. I definitely recommend this to all my first time mama friends out there.

4. Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil - I love this stuff. I started the pregnancy off using Cocoa Butter lotion on my belly and hips and while it was super moisturizing it left me feeling like I was covered in chocolate and the smell was really nauseating to me (causing the closest thing I felt to morning sickness...which is fortunate). My  mom bought this oil for me at Sprouts and I've been using it daily on my belly. No stretch marks yet (knock on wood!). They say oils and lotions don't help, but hey, I'll give it a shot! This oil is hydrating and smells light and lovely. 

5. Bump Start Shirts - These shirts are so comfy and just the right fit. One of the things I really love about maternity clothes is that you're still the size you were before you were pregnant, the shirt just fits you better. I wear these shirts out and about, lounging at home, even with my scrubs at work. 

6. Eos Lip Balm - I was using this before too, but it seems like chapped and dry lips have been a big symptom of this pregnancy. Random, I know. I have one of these in my work bag, one in my purse, and one on my night stand (in pomegranate berry, summer fruit, and honeydew) and my lips would be so much worse off without them. Plus they come in fabulous flavors which is a plus. 

Not pictured must haves include lots of lemons and oranges. I love a tall glass with one whole lemon squeezed into it, water, and ice. Nothing else. Also came up with a drink of orange and lemon juice with sparkling water - perfect on the warm afternoons we have been having. Just writing this out is making my mouth water. I love that tartness. 

So those are my must-haves so far. I'm hoping to share a bit more in the third trimester too if there are a bunch of new ones! What are your pregnancy must-haves? I would love to hear about them!