Friday, March 2, 2012

PDS 4/Crafty in the kitchen

There are more places to get crafty than sitting at the craft table. My mom and I enjoy cooking together, and now with my up-coming wedding, I really need to get my cooking but into gear and start dishing up some pretty gourmet stuff. Why? Because Eric says he's a better cook then me, and right now, he's right. ::sigh:: But not for long!

This time of year also marks the Lenten season in our church. At this time, it's part of our tradition to give up all animal products and go vegan. It's really not so much about a "diet" thing as it is about purification and living simply. So before Lent starts we cook up all the meat and drink up all the milk and then we shop at Whole Foods. :) Which, is not necessarily "simple" living, but it helps you get excited about eating whole foods and cooking up some amazing vegan dishes and still getting the right amount of protein and dietary essentials.

My mom started looking through "Vegetarian Times" a few days ago and stumble onto this fab recipe for eggplant involtini. So that was tonight's crafty attempt (also, considering I literally slept all day after work last night!).  So there it is. The eggplant is grilled and stuffed with a mixture of diced eggplant, beef-less ground beef, tomatoes, pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, and a few other yummy things. Then we grilled up some zucchini, and tossed a salad with some home-made tahini salad dressing.

All in all it was a fairly simple dish to make. I can't take all the credit as there were two of us working away in the kitchen. But if Eric liked eggplant, this would definitely be something could make for him. He's definitely more of a meat and potatoes kind of guy, but if I can learn to cook it, he'll try it!