Friday, November 18, 2011

Sending Bacheegs

Welcome to Bacheegs and Love - a (potentially) awesome and totally fabulous site about love, wedding planning, tradition, and just life in general.

As an Armenian American twenty-something kind of lady, I love browsing through all the wedding blogs online  for inspiration (Engaged & Inspired and Snippet & Ink are two of my faves!), but honestly, it feels like something's missing. But what??

TRADITION! Celebration, Culture, the familial connection that is SO much a part of being Armenian and getting married (and no, there is no connection between Kim Kardashian's wedding and a traditional Armenian wedding, so please don't ask). I love the things that I see online - the backyard parties, the simple flower-in-mason-jar centerpieces, the twinkly outdoor lights - but that's just not how we do a lot of things. I mean, of course, it's our wedding, and we can do it our way. But there is something to be said about our old-school traditions, about having a church wedding. As much as I love country-chic wedding decor, it's just not going to work. Sometimes I'm OK with that, and sometimes - honestly - it's a little frustrating. It's all a part of the process; growing, learning, accepting.

I want this blog to be about that process. The whole she-bang, the good the bad, the ugly, but mostly, the beautiful. The beauty of an elegant, classy, some-what modernized, traditional with a twist Armenian American (or... Amerigatzi, as I may call it) celebration of love.

So this is Bacheegs and Love (bacheeg means "kiss" in Armenian!) - I hope you follow along.  Help me out (I can't figure this all out on my own!), share your ideas, thoughts, comments. Or just come along for the ride and see a different kind of wedding - something old mixed with a little something new!

Sending Love and Bacheegs to you all -
xox Ani xox