Monday, July 2, 2012


First off, I'd like to give proper credit for this photo-a-day project. While I nabbed the concept from my friend Vanessa, I searched the idea, and found that the original fabulous list came from a blog called Fat Mum Slim, and you can read her blog and see her photo list here.  I'm so happy to have found another photo blogger, and the mastermind behind the photo-a-day lists, and thus the whole photo-a-day following. So thank you to Chantelle and her fabulous blog for all the inspiration!

So today's photo-theme was "BUSY" and boy was it! This picture is not entirely how I pictured capturing this day, but it really sums it all up. Today was like a weekend for me (I srsly almost forgot it was Monday - almost) - and E and I finally had a chance to spend it together. We went into downtown to meet with our jeweler to pick out a wedding band for him (we're still looking but saw some new contenders), and then we enjoyed a yummy lunch at Yorkshire Grill. Then it was off to our future house to see the construction progress and from there, off to shop for some furniture! We're looking for a bedroom set, a couch, and a kitchen table. Everything else can come later.

We searched and searched and we actually found one we really like (above), it's built of sturdy pecan wood with cedar lined drawers (so it smells good too!). We're still not 100% sure, but it's progress! We found a couch as well, but it's still just an idea right now.  I never knew how exhausting this whole process could be, but it was so fun to get to spend the day together and share in the exhaustion, finding all the couches that were super comfy and juuuuust right.

Off to bed and ready for tomorrow!