Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Feature! Currently: In My Life

Hello Hello again.

I've been meaning to get some features on to this blog lately, so that even if I'm going through a blog funk, you don't have to be in one too, and you can still find out about what's going on.  While the "Project Sunday" feature might not be an EVERY Sunday sort of thing (I'm a busy lady, but I don't have THAT many crafty things going on!), I'm hoping that this one can be something you can look forward to reading every Wednesday morning!

I got the idea from a few different blogs. First it was Elise's Around Here weekly posts on her blog, but I'm not with my camera most of the time, and I don't want to commit myself to posting that many pictures of my week. But today I was going through my list on Blog Lovin' and read Danielle's Currently feature on Sometime's Sweet, which allows for more writing about the happenings and going's on in life. At the end, she encouraged other bloggers to post their own "currently" and so I said, "why not!?"  So I came up with my own title and I'm ready for it. Here it goes!

LOVING: that I have some spectacularly awesome friends who are not afraid to be ridiculously silly with me. Loving my fiance and the time that we are getting to spend together during this wedding planning process (we spent almost 3 hours at a restaurant last week just talking...missed the movie we were going to see but had so much fun instead). It was so good to just reconnect in all this wedding madness.  Loving the support from my mama when I feel like I'm about to lose it (which seems to be pretty often right now), she always has the right thing to say. AND loving some fabulous top secret shopping I've been doing on Etsy lately. More on that's a secret!

READING: (or trying to read) The Elegance of the Hedgehog. It sounds like an interesting plot, and it's getting there, but there are bits and pieces that just stretch. It's partly narrated by a almost-13-year-old-girl and partly narrated by a middle aged French concierge whose smarter than the average...concierge, and person apparently. When the girl is narrating the story flows and moves and makes sense, but when the concierge is narrating, it's just full of long, superfluous sentences that don't really get the plot moving at all, and then I get frustrated and put down the book. I'm working on it....slowly, but there are other books on my wishlist I'd rather be diving in to at this point.

WATCHING: How I Met Your Mother.  Ok, so when this show first aired my brother kept convincing me that I absolutely had to watch it, and so of course, like a sister, I resisted every bit and decided it was not something I would like. Until last month when I watched an episode for lack of anything else to watch on TV, and I loved it. It's now become my go-to show on Netflix when I can't sleep at night. And turns out that E was starting on the series too - so now this is becoming "our show" to catch up on. 

LISTENING TO: Spice Girls radio on Pandora. It was the perfect mix for this last weekend, full of girly songs from the late 90s that take you back to jumping around in your room and 6th grade summer camp dances. It's the perfect getting ready to go out and party mix. I mean, who WASN'T excited to see these 5 ladies reunite at the Olympic Closing Ceremonies, right?  

THINKING ABOUT:  how different everything is going to be after the wedding. Not only is getting married a big transition, but so is moving out, living on your own with your husband and having to juggle everything that comes with that!  I've been living with my mom for the last 25 years, and not having her at the house 24/7 is going to be super weird and sad and bizarre. It's going to be a big adjustment. One that is only 45 days away and is probably going to slap me in the face really quickly. Thank God for a fabulous relationship and unlimited texting!

LOOKING FORWARD TO: having some days off next week. I'm working Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this weekend and next, which means I have all those weekdays off in between. Of course, they are quickly filling up with things to do and errands to run, but at least I have the time to get it all done. E and I are going out today, and then again next week, so we should have time to get some errands done and checked off our list (wedding rings and furniture!!). I'm looking forward to having the time off to get it done!