Thursday, August 30, 2012

Today's project

Um.... I'm realizing now that I am actually embarrassed to be posting this up here. But that's the truth about blogging, I guess. If you're gonna do it, you're going to include all of it. :/  Please don't judge.

I've mentioned before that I work night shift. I've also mentioned that I can't really seem to get enough sleep. And as you can tell, if my free time isn't spent with family, E, or working on wedding plans, then I like to get crafty and do something fun...if I'm not sleeping.  So this is basically my routine, go with the flow, catch up on sleep, get things done, and do what you like on your spare time. Except that the "get things done" doesn't usually involve cleaning, ergo, none of that plan includes cleaning. So enter this sad and embarrassing picture of my desk top. Yes. I know. Terrible.

So this morning I woke up, made coffee (also part of the daily routine I forgot to mention). Downloaded Skitch (the cool app that lets me write on pictures like above (score!!), and read blogs. Which of course got me thinking about sewing (why wouldn't it?). We recently picked up my sewing machine from friends who were borrowing it for a project. I immediately started thinking that this would be the perfect day to finally start to learn how to use it.  I've used it once or twice before (made Halloween costumes for E and I a few years back!), but I really want to be able to use it... to make fun things for the house, for Christmas presents,  you know, to be more crafty. 

And then I realized the sewing machine is still in the back of mom's car. Bummer. Then I planned to just go to the fabric store and pick out some fun stuff, and I started reading some sewing basics, and I was so getting ready to head out the door, when I realized that this is really no time to start something THIS BIG!

I have a ridiculously messy desk, and room, laundry to be done, clean laundry to be put away, and I'm moving in 44 days and I am no where near ready to even wrap my head around that concept, let alone start packing the boxes. Sitting at the dining room table, I put my book down, grabbed my coffee and walked in my room, ready to tackle it.  

Then, of course, I saw the mess, got discouraged, took a picture, uploaded it here and decided to blog about it instead.  Can you say "super awesome procrastination skills, Ani!"?  Yes.  

No but seriously. This is ridiculous. It needs to get done, it just needs to. And I have to do it, right? I mean, it's not going to clean it's self. I guess I better get working on channeling my Mary Poppins' skills and SNAP. 

Wish me luck!