Thursday, August 30, 2012

Today's project, continued

I've managed to turn my room into a bigger mess than it was when I started. And I'm feeling another food break coming on. I didn't know how much stuff I had stored up in my cupboards.  And I have TONS of CD cases, and I'm not entirely sure where all the CDs actually are. I'm making piles of stuff to give away, stuff to keep in storage, stuff to find a place for in the mean time. But now I have a floor full of piles. Not to mention that my clothes have still yet to be washed or put away, though I have managed to make piles of which clothes need washing and which ones need folding. So, this is progress, yes?

I also found the best box so far - the one with all my favorite books from when I was a kid!  Here's a few that I just love and remember so much. These are so coming with me and will be on the shelf for when I have kids and they're ready to read. You know, at like 2 days old! 

sorry its a little blurry!!!