Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday night: cancelled!

Say what?!?  That's right. I've officially been cancelled as a nurse! Just for the night though! When staffing is good and the hospital doesn't need us anywhere else, there's no space, and so someone's gotta stay home for the night. Despite having slept 7 hours today in preparation for heading back in tonight after working last night, I suddenly have the whole night ahead of me. Not only the whole night, but this means that my  morning tomorrow isn't full of sleep. That when E and I go out tomorrow, our day can start in the morning, not in the afternoon after I've managed to sneak in a few hours of sleep after work. 

I'm not planning anything big for my night off. Even though I slept, I'm still somewhat recovering from being sick (it's been lingering for, like, ever...), and so I relish the time I have to just rest and get things done at home.  And I'm definitely relishing in the time I have at home before the wedding.  

So for all of you who are back to work tonight - I hope you're having a fabulous night! I'll be back on Friday. And for all of you enjoying a night off tonight as well - ENJOY!