Sunday, August 26, 2012

New Feature- Project Sunday!

I wanted to bring back the crafty-ness of my Project Do Something posts, so I've decided to make it a regular part of my blog.  Introducing: ::drumroll:: PROJECT SUNDAY!  When there's something crafty going down, you can expect to hear about it on a Sunday post!  Here's the first post!

Back in February when I started my "project do something" concept I started working on a blanket (you can read about it's beginnings here and here). It was such a big task ahead of me, especially with such a busy year, but I was (and still am!) determined to make it happen. There has been progress! 

When I started working on the blanket, I realized I didn't want to make one huge piece, because it would be too difficult to carry from room to room to work on once it got big, and it would be too hot to work on once it got too hot. So I decided to work in small 25x25 stitch squares.   Let me remind you all that I don't know how to crochet any fancy stitches, this entire blanket is going to be done in single stitch squares. At some point I'm going to have to learn how to stitch the squares together (and possibly another pattern for embellishment, but I'm going to leave that one as a surprise!), but for now, all I am doing is making squares.  

I finally used up all the blue yarn and started in on the grey. I have 12 squares of blue and hope to have the same amount in the grey, and then the black, though if there is less black, I'll be OK with that, since that's what I'm using to stitch the squares together as well.  I'm hoping to have a hodge-podge tile effect. I may need to make more squares before putting it all together - I really want this to be a big cozy couch blanket. 

But seriously, this has been more fun than I thought. I don't really get to work on it too much (as you can tell, it has been like 6 months...) but when I think about it, and especially since I've been sick, it's been something fun to work on while resting.  

Progress. I can't wait to see it complete, but working on it is that much fun too!