Monday, August 27, 2012

Recovery: Sleeping the day away...

This is the view from our hotel room this weekend in Huntington Beach. Gorgeous right?  This weekend my future sister-in-law and my closest friends threw me an epic bachelorette party weekend with this amazing view. It was such a blast, I'm sad it's over.  The details remain a mystery to the rest of you. What happens at the bachelorette, stays off Facebook, and off Blogger for that matter!  Sorry!

But what an amazing time, and what a fabulous feeling being surrounded by your closest friends and just having a fun time.

We got home yesterday and I fought off taking a nap to enjoy the last bits of Sunday since I will be working the next two weekends in a row. After that it's my bridal shower, then the Avon Walk, and then we'll only be three weeks away from The Big Day! Hard to believe.

So in coping with all of this, and recovering from a weekend of fun in the sun, I slept. A lot. In fact, I think 'a lot' is an understatement. But to keep you all from judging me and my sleep habits, I won't tell you exactly how long I slept for. I could have kept sleeping too, but forced myself up so I wouldn't judge myself about it too. But you know what, I have work tonight and I'll be up and awake for that, so sleep is my friend today, and I'm grateful for the time I had to enjoy it today.