Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Currently: In My Life

I've just realized that I posted all my exciting pictures from this week on other blog posts, so there really isn't much to share here photo-wise. But there's lots going on in all the holiday excitement. 

Reading: Got my Nook charged up but I haven't had much time to sit and enjoy reading again. But my new issue of Real Simple magazine came the other day, and I'm excited to get diving into that. Otherwise, I'm still spending most of my reading energy on blogs... I love seeing everyone's Christmas decor and ways they celebrate. 

Watching: Not a whole lot. But Little Women (my favorite Christmastime movie) was on the other day and we recorded it. I am anxiously waiting to watch it beside the Christmas tree with a hot cup of tea. 

Listening:  I shouldn't even bother with this one right now... listening to a lot of Christmas music. I bought my traditional, annual Starbucks Christmas album (I have one from the last 4 years) and it's been in my car. This has put "The Secret Life of Bees" on hold, but hey, I am in the holiday spirit.

Cooking & Baking: Well, if you've been reading, you heard about the chocolate cake debacle. That was really enough to make me not want to bake again for a while. I just found chocolate on the blinds...on the other side of the kitchen! That's how big of a disaster it was.  But as you know, it was E's birthday this week, and we certainly cooked up a storm for that too! We finally decided on a country themed menu and had us some BBQ chicken, baked mac-N-cheese, baked beans, corn on the cob, biscuits (with honey butter!), and salad.  A bit overboard (again!), but it was sooooo good. We really had fun, and I have to say I was impressed with how it all turned out. I wish we'd captured a picture of the table spread before we all dug in. 

Thinking: About giving up on Christmas cards all together. Last night we looked online and saw how expensive they would be. Then I had this brilliant idea to make our own. Surprisingly we came up with a pretty legit looking card... but then there were issues with printing and the quality and the colors... Maybe Eric is right... maybe New Year's cards are a better idea.

Looking forward: To a few things.  Naturally all the festivities to come, but also:
1) Looking forward to getting some Christmas shopping done today!
2) Looking forward to writing my last 9 Thank You cards today!!
3) Looking forward to posting this - my 99th post!!!

Thank you to all of you who keep coming back to read this!