Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Sketchbook Project 2013.

A few months back you may have heard me mentioned that I signed up to be a part of the Brooklyn Art Library's Sketchbook Project 2013. It was a bit of a leap for me to sign up and commit to filling up this little sketchbook with doodles and drawings, but it seemed totally worth it to say you have a sketchbook on tour, and to possibly go visit it throughout the country (awesome excuse  reason to travel too!).

But low and behold, life caught up to me. It was just a few months away from the wedding and drawing got put on the back burner. I had determined that I wanted my book to focus around coffee somehow, but I really didn't know how. I decorated the super cool cover (my favorite part, srsly), and then I didn't actually start drawing until we were on the plane headed for our honeymoon destination. It's been 3 months of drawing here and there, painting a little, and drinking a lot of coffee, but today is the day. 

The deadline. Today this little book is getting shipped to Brooklyn to be logged and categorized, to be placed on a shelf in hopes that someone might care to pick it up. It's going to tour the country and see places I haven't seen yet. And maybe someone will see it along the way. It will find it's way back to Brooklyn at the end of the year and make a home among shelves full of books just like it. 

I am super excited to say that I have contributed to this amazing collaborative project. I wish I could say that my drawings were a sample of my best work. Procrastination does me in all too often. But there are definitely parts I like, and if anything, this book is a reflection of my first three months being married, told in drawings and doodles and words, and mainly in cups of coffee.

If you're interested in participating in something cool, please check out the Brooklyn Art Library. If you're around the US of A, check tour dates and maybe you might get to peak at my book, and my mom's too!