Friday, March 1, 2013

Hello March.

February really is the shortest month. Duh, I get that it's only 28 days, but it just flew by. Who knew that two or three fewer days could really make a difference. There was a lot going on this month with me, a lot of cooking and soup making, but a lot of stuff that I didn't write about as well. And I am good with that. I've been juggling my schedule and I'm happy to report that starting on St. Paddy's day I will officially be a DAY SHIFTER! :) YAY!  This means having a normal sleep schedule again. It means being home every night. It means adjusting to being new to something all over again, but I am OK with that. It does mean that I'll miss all my fabulous night shift nurses, but I will never forget the amazing things they've taught me, and I promise not to snub them the way they all think I will. ;)

March is bringing a lot of excitement already. It will be so different for E and I to be home together every night... it hasn't been like that since our honeymoon. That will take some getting used to as well, but we'll work through it.  We have more soups to cook, and more time to spend together, even if it's just falling asleep on the couch watching TV together. It will be good. 

I will post separately about this month's intentions for CHOOSE, but being the first of the month, and a fresh start, I choose to start a challenge for the month.  I am going to participate in Fat Mum Slim's photo-a-day for March.   I tried this out back in July and it was a way to get me posting more.  I want to share my photos via this blog (hopefully) every day, even just as quick little blurbs sent from my phone. Of course, I am leaving town this weekend and camping where there may not be cell service, so the start may be a bit delayed, but I will be snapping away. I'm excited to start this challenge today and already brainstorming ideas for today's shot.  Here's the complete list for this month.

So here we go. March, I'm excited. Let's do this!