Friday, April 26, 2013

Project Decorate in underway!

Not sure where all the time is going, but E and I celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary this month. Can you believe it? I can't. We're in a super good place and finally getting settled into our lives together. It's helped so much that I am working during the day time now. We get to spend our evening together despite our work schedules. We don't have those days where we don't see each other at all because things just don't line up. And it's Spring. The garden is coming along (post coming soon...) and now we are prepping for our first "gathering" at our house! Ok, I guess "gathering" makes it sound like people are coming over for some creepy pagan ritual or something. Nothing of the sort, but our family and some friends are coming by next month and it's the first time we'll really get to show off our house and what we've done to it. 

So now we've got to do something to it! So begins "Project Decorate."   I'm not sure how far we will get before people come over, but at least now we're officially starting. And I plan on getting some of it posted here.  The picture above is just a sneak at an ampersand I found at Marshall's the other day. I picked up an "E" and an "A" last month, but they are green, and this is clearly black. Just a bit of gesso and a coat of paint and We have a cute mantel piece in our living room.  

We've got wall art in the laundry room, an almost finished painting for the kitchen and one to start for the living room. We've cleared off the couch in the office and have a cozy work area that I'm sitting on right now!  New table cloths for spring, and hopefully some shopping for a real kitchen table and some living room pieces will be happening soon. 

It's all starting to come together and I can't wait to share it with you soon!