Tuesday, May 14, 2013

my life, instagrammed

I post to Instagram a lot, and then forget to share what's going on in my life here on the blog. Here's an insta-tour of a few pics from the last 2 weeks in my life. 

 I've been really making an effort to go to Bar Method class at least once a week. I really love the work out and the way I feel after. Only 3 more sessions til I've finished my groupon, but I might have to purchase another 10 sessions, just to motivate myself to keep going! This is just me in the car waiting to go in, feeling pumped!

 My sweet hubby got me some cowgirl boots to rock for my birthday! I didn't expect them to be so comfortable, but I could totally get used to wearing these! I rocked them at my birthday party with a dress, and it was fabulous.
 Here's us on my birthday! Say Cheese!  We were at our church's 10th Anniversary and Mother's Day banquet.  Lots of food, lots of dancing, lots of fun hanging out with the family!
 Speaking of Mother's day, this is a Skitch I made for my mama on Instagram so that I could let everyone know that she is not only a beautiful lady on the outside, but an amazingly creative and inspiring lady on the inside too, and I am so grateful that she is my mama!
 Yes, we bought a pinata for my birthday party in true Cinco-de-Mayo fashion. And we used it. :)
 E and I finally got a chance to go out together and just walk around and hang out. This last weekend was a really good one for us and I'm thankful we got some time to spend together.
 Last week was nurse's week and I am still feeling the love. I got sweet notes from my patient's like this one. They even made us homemade body scrub! Talk about feeling pampered. It was a great week, and definitely a rejuvenating one as a nurse, making me remember all the awesome reasons I love my job!

 Our garden is growing! I definitely have more to share soon about our gardening process, but these little strawberries are popping up and I am so excited to taste the first one!
And we have tomatoes! These were our first and so very tasty! There are a few more that are turning red, and I might get to pick them today. So exciting!