Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Sketchbook Project: book binding

This year, my mom and I are participating the The Sketchbook Project for the second time. This time, as a part of the "1703 miles and back tour."  One of the big challenges we faced last time (other than time constraints!) was that we had the flimsy paper that came with the sketchbook and it really wasn't conducive to the water based art we both wanted to include (or, in my case, coffee based). AFTER turning in the project with wrinkled pages, we realized that we could have, and should have, rebound the book with paper that would have actually worked for us.  

We actually sort of signed up for this project as a sort of do-over, knowing that we would get it bound with better paper and then be able to create better art and with more time to complete it!  So I followed these instructions, with some modifications for the measurements and the number of signatures (the instructions were not 100% correct), and after lots and lots of paper cutting, and actually doing the stitching of the pages twice, just to make sure it was extra sturdy, I have my finished product! 

I love that it turned out so official looking. I've actually purchased sketchbooks that are bound this way and it was super fun to know that I could get it done myself. I should mention though, that it was a very long process, especially given the flaws in the instructions, and the fact that I was trying to work little bits at a time without a clue as to what I was really doing. I'm not sure that I will quit my day job and become a book binder any time soon, but I think I've got the hang of it now, and maybe I'll try it again sometime soon.