Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sleep over from scratch

I must admit, when I wrote my last post, pre-sleepover, I had images in my head of capturing all our wonderful moments on camera. I imagined being able to post a play-by-play of our amazing night in pictures of us smiling, laughing and tossing popcorn in the air.  Clearly, I have never hosted 9 and 14 year old girls before.  We had a BLAST. It was a ton of fun and more important than playing memory keeper with my camera pointed at every moment, I decided to play memory maker and live in the moment. 

This was the only picture I got of our fun time together. And I'm totally OK with that.  More important than getting through all the movies we watched was the time we got to spend in the kitchen. And in true E & A fashion, we spent most of that time in the kitchen. Turns out these two had never made cookies from scratch. So out came the sugar, flour, chocolate chips, and even an attempt at making our own brown sugar. We made cookies from scratch, then watched a movie. Then we made pizza from scratch. Mushroom and pepperoni (their pick) and BBQ chicken (our pick). We even made dessert calzones with marshmallow and chocolate chips with the leftover dough. FROM SCRATCH.  Then we watched another movie, and ate some cookies. And then watched more movies...only to crash out at 2am, then wake up at 6:30 to watch more movies and make pancakes - FROM SCRATCH.  

It was pretty rad. We had a great time hanging out, and E and I got to teach the girls a thing or two about being in the kitchen, and cooking together. It was super awesome, and I think they had a good time too. We only made it through half the movies on our I think there definitely has to be a next time! 


P.S. This is what we watched: 1)Heavyweights, 2) The Addams Family, 3) A League of Their Own, 4)Jumanji, 5) Labyrinth, & 6) Mulan