Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What's in my purse??


I recently saw this post on Sarah Hearts, and I got inspired. First off, I love that camera bag/purse. I asked E if he'd be cool with a camera bag like that one (we've been looking...) and much to my dismay...he laughed.  That was a no. Super bummer. Guys just don't understand a good camera bag when they see one.

But anyway, I thought, maybe looking into my purse and showing you what's always in there might give me the chance 1) to show you what occupies my time when I am not blogging and 2) to clean out my purse (definitely a priority here). So with out further adieu...because I know you are dying of suspense at what I carry around all day... here you have it!


There it is... all of it. Well, not really. I pulled out a lot of receipts and pens and more lip gloss and gum wrappers, but you get the idea. These are the essential items for my every day living. The purse itself is awesome. It was a birthday gift from my sister-in-law and it's a lovely shade of pastel pink without being baby-y. And it's huge. I can carry all this goodness and more, and a jacket and a water bottle, and lunch... totally handy when you haven't eaten and you're late for a movie.... if you catch my drift.


I ALWAYS have a ton of lip gloss with me. I love the round EOS glosses - this one is Summer Fruit and it's super tasty it smells really good. I also just found that kissing lip gloss at the mall the other day and was super excited because it was like an instant time warp to being 14 when I put it on my lips. So cool. And I LOVE the Tarte lip stain in moody, it's my go-too for a quick gloss of color and moisture.   

Then there is the purple pen. I carry lots of pens, but I love purple ones. I think it goes back to an English professor I had at PCC who was superstitious and would only write in purple. I thought that was weird at first, but now I use purple a lot. But I don't believe I'll be doomed if I don't use it...no worries. 

And Angel lotion. I love the smell of Angel perfume, and this is just a perfect way to add a little moisture to my dry hands and a little sweetness to my day. 


Then there's the Covergirl compact (in some super light color). I've had this compact for a few years but when I take out of my purse, inevitably I have to use it. It's got that medicated something or other in it that is perfect when you have that "I'm about to break out" feeling. And my face gets super red, so it's good for a quick cover up. And hand sanitizer is muy importante in my line of work, but also if you travel anywhere in LA, really. Sometimes you just need to clean up, and this Sicilian Lemon scent is delicious. 

nook and wallet

I love my wallet - I got it a few months back from Target and it's just the right size and a cute hot pink sorta shade. It carries all my junk without bursting at the seems. And then there is my Nook. I love my Nook because I can organize my life on it, send some emails, and catch up on a good book. You never know when you are going to have to kill some time, why not be prepared. I just started reading "A Homemade Life"  - yes, it's a cookbook - and it's really good.


And lastly, these lovely sunnies have been so great this summer. I bought these Oakley's at a silent auction and I love them, and I love those stripes!

So that's my bag. Super big, super full of stuff. It goes with me on all my adventures, and carries my stuff and E's sunglasses, waterbottles and usually...some extra napkins from lunch. 

So.... what's in your purse??  Blog about it and share your link, I'd love to read about it!