Monday, May 5, 2014

Hello 27

Rise and shine! It's a new day and I'm another year older. 27. It's funny, I've always thought of 27 as being a sophisticate sounding number. It just feels like good things will come from this year. Sort of the way I felt about turning 17. Maybe it's the "7" in the number? I don't know. But 17 lived up to my expectations, and I don't have any doubts about 27.

As we celebrated with family last night I realized that my wish from last year's birthday came true! How very exciting. So I made sure to make a special wish again this year. 26 was such a fun year. So much happened and so many things evolved in my life. I read on my cousin's blog that 27 is the year your life changes. Well that's certainly going to be the case this year. I can already feel the changes coming on....physically and mentally.

I thought I'd start the year off they way I did last year...and share 27 completely different random things you may or may not know about me. 

1. I've had a Mexican-themed birthday party almost every year of my life, with the Cinco de Mayo dress and all. 

2. This was my first birthday since turning 21 where I haven't had a margarita. For good reason, definitely.

3. Despite the baby boy, I am treating myself to a cup of birthday coffee this morning and it's so good.

4. Naming a baby boy is way harder than I thought. And a lot of pressure. There are so many names we like, but none seem to be just right for our  baby. 

5. That worries me a little...if we can't think of a name, how are we going to get through decisions far more complex than this.

6. I think that registering for baby things is more over whelming than registering for wedding things, by far. 

7. I don't have dreams about showing up to school naked, I have dreams about showing up out of dress code. And they are just as horrifying.

8. I want to be a small business owner. I just need to figure out what that business is. 

9. I also want to blog of a living, but I get frustrated when I can't keep up with the monthly blogging goals I set for myself.

10. Since being pregnant, I haven't been as into cooking as I used to be, but when I do cook, I am immediately transformed into a new person.

11. It's getting harder to do the dishes with a growing belly. It's also harder to pick things up off the floor.  I am not very disappointed about this.

12. I feel more zen when I write in the morning than when I do yoga. But I do love doing yoga. 

13. I am worried about being pregnant in a very hot summer. And so grateful to have found a bathing suit that might bring relief in the if only we had a pool.

14. When I listen to kids talk non-stop about random things, I sort of get lost in my head. Half of me is like, "what in the world..." and the other half says, "ohmygod you were JUST LIKE THAT!"

15. My baby likes to kick me at 6am. It's the best way to wake up. 

16. I also hope this doesn't mean he is going to be a morning person.

17. I still want to have chickens in my yard, just maybe not this year.

18. And I still want to get a puppy, just maybe not for another few years...

19. I think it usually rains on my birthday. I love the rain, so that's not a problem. 

20. I have really weird dreams, particularly about breastfeeding. Anxiety much?

21. I have always loved lemons, and this baby makes me crave super tart lemon water.

22. I also really want a beer. Well, not at 9 in the morning, but in general.

23. I have a feeling our baby is going to be 4 days late and I will deliver on August 30th. 

24. Ever since we got a real grown up kitchen table, the kitchen is my new favorite room.

25. The baby's room will probably be my favorite room in a few months, but right now it's still full of old furniture and stuff.

26. We were convinced that we were having a baby girl, but now that the news has sunken in that we're having a boy, I can't really imagine it differently. 

27. I feel like this year is going to be super emotional in many, many ways. That totally scares me, but what can I do? Bring it on 27, I'm ready to be amazed!