Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Defining purpose

As a birthday treat to myself I decided to sign up for an E-Course in blogging. Not about how to design my blog a bit more, but how to really give it my best and how to possibly expand it to do what I love for a living. I totally already do that - what I love, I mean. I love my job. But I am not going to lie, it is exhausting. Blogging is my escape from the ups and downs that come with being a pediatric nurse. I get to share my life, my projects, my day to day thoughts, and my ideas with the world. So when this first exercise from the e-course popped up about defining my blog's purpose, it got me thinking.

When I first started blogging I was at Bacheegs and Love. Bacheegs are kisses in Armenian, and the whole idea behind those posts (which you can now find in the archives of this blog) was that I was newly engaged and excited to share all the wedding planning ideas as well as the traditions that come along with planning a big fat Armenian wedding. It was super fun, but honestly, I wasn't planning it alone, and it was a lot to keep up with. I was also in nursing school and blogging to the extent I wanted to about just one topic couldn't be a priority for me. So I started another blog, naturally. On Cellos and Coffee. It was supposed to just be an "everything" sort of blog, but it was far too general and maintaining two blogs was just too crazy. I "expanded" my purpose of Bacheegs and Love and kept writing on there about whatever I wanted.

One problem. If you aren't Armenian, and you read the word "Bacheegs" you have NO IDEA what that is supposed to mean or how it was supposed to sound. In a sort of attempt to brand myself I started using that title as an email address, but no one knew what it was or how to say it or what it meant. There was no connection for the majority of people I wanted to expose my blog to.  The time had come to change the name. But to what?

At that point in time I was primarily blogging about crafts and DIY projects, as well as my day-to-day life. My readers were mostly just my friends and family (ok, my parents and like two friends). I wanted a title that encompassed my daily life and the other things I loved to blog about. "Love Well Crafted" came about when I was talking about it with a friend at work one night. I liked it and I was anxious to get started, so on my break I created a new domain and "Love Well Crafted" was born.

And now it has evolved into the site I love to write on today. Sure, I am not the most consistent poster, and I am hoping to improve on that (April goals are all out the window right now), but I love getting to write about what I love here on this blog. So when I think about defining my purpose, I get a little hesitant.

What is my purpose? To write about what I love. I think that is it. I get very tired of trying to pin point one or two specific things that I feel like I have to stick to. My purpose is to write and share about my life and the things I love doing. I narrowed it down to a few topics - and I feel like it's important to say that these are topics that apply at this point in my life: pregnancy and mamahood, crafting and DIY projects, gardening and home decor, and family. I think that is what I primarily blog about right now anyway. The one thing that I noticed is missing is food and recipes. Those may show up here every so often, but I think when I'm ready to start blogging about the food we eat again, E and I are going to work it through our joint blog at  The Grapeleaf. I know, I know, I've done the whole "trying to maintain two blogs" thing, but I am hoping to get him on board and show him the ropes so it won't be a one man(woman) show anymore.

So, pardon my rambling. I'm excited about where this course will take me and this blog. If I can continue to write about what I love on here, then I'll be a happy camper. If I can make writing about what I love on this blog into a part-time job then I'll really be a happy camper, but I'll still be camping in my same old tent... if that makes sense.