Thursday, August 14, 2014

Life @ 38 weeks

My, oh my! 38 long weeks. 38 weeks that went by in a flash. Baby Boy is full term - and deciding to cook some more. It seems like these last few weeks have equally flown by and dragged on. I think back to the aches and pains I was having just five weeks ago and laugh. Back then I could stand up and sit down without wincing. It was hard to get shoes on, but I could do it. My feet were swollen but they weren't aching too. My hips didn't throb if I laid on my side in bed. Changing positions in my sleep was uncomfortable, but not impossible to do without waking up completely.

I know that everything I am feeling right now is short lived. There's only 12 days til our due date. Maybe he'll be here sooner, maybe a little later. We aren't too sure. We can't know ahead. That's part of the big surprise, I suppose. It's hard to not get excited and hopeful that maybe I'll be able to hold this little guy sooner rather than later, even though I know that he'll be here when he's ready. 

I'm still living for these little kicks. They aren't as strong any more in his cramped quarters, but I love those little reminders that this time is just for him and me and I like to think he's letting me know he's still in there waiting to meet us too.  

At 38 weeks daily tasks are harder and harder to finish. Dishes have to get done while I hunch over the sink resting on my elbows. But they get done. At 38 weeks it's (almost) impossible to but on tennis shoes without help. But I have help. At 38 weeks (especially in the middle of August) walking around the neighborhood (apparently) means shuffling around the neighborhood instead, and doing it only as the sun is setting because it's just too darn hot. But we still go walking. 38 weeks means we're enjoying our time together at 2 and basking in the quiet of the house for now. But it also means being really excited to become 3 and having another voice make some noise around here. 

38 weeks also means realizing just how much you are loved. We have family and friends surrounding us, calling us, checking in on us, coming over to just pass the time and visit while we're still just 2. It means appreciating everything that E does and has been doing for me these last 38+ weeks, and knowing that he's going to be the most amazing dad.  It means having your heart swell with emotions so much that you get teary watching a post-it commercial, and want to bawl every time someone calls or says something sweet and encouraging to you. It's a roller coaster, to be really cliche about it. 

But these 38 weeks have been amazing. I've grown physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and this is just the beginning. 

Baby boy, we're ready to meet you - ready when you are and so excited for all the growing and learning and adventures that are yet to come.