Friday, March 16, 2012

PDS 5/Wrapped bottles

It's time to get crafty again. This has by far been the easiest project. I literally finished the whole thing in about 10 minutes, standing up in my kitchen. The inspiration? I've been seeing a lot of yarn wrapped bottles on Pinterest and other blog sites (here and here). It's such a simple touch to add to a bottle, but it really steps up the look of it, and makes the bottle become a little bit splashier and more fun for decor.
BUT - I sort of have this thing about yarn. Unless it's being used for a blanket or scarf, or some article of clothing, I really don't want to be touching it. Especially if it's going to be used as a vase, where it could potentially get wet, or sticky... No Thank You.

So I decided to put my own spin on it and use hemp cord (also because I have a WHOLE BUNCH of this at home left over from some project many years ago). It's nice because it has the look of twine, but it's not as rough on the hands, and doesn't really absorb water much.

I had the bottle left over from some very tart lemonade I bought the other day. I love bottles, so I never tossed it, hoping something like this project might come along to save it. To start, I just tucked in the end and started wrapping over it, tightly, around the bottle. When I covered enough of it, I cut the end and thought, "great, now how do I finish?"
Fortunately, some brilliant person created Mod-Podge a while back, and it worked like a charm! all I had to do was hold the cord in place and brush some of that magic glue goo onto about the first 5-6 layers of cord on both ends. I held it in place for about 5 minutes and then let it dry the rest of the evening. And VOILA! An instantly groovy vase.
I still have quite a bit of cord left, so I am hoping to save up some more fun looking bottles and start a little collection of wrapped vases in different sizes. Perfect for a kitchen table or window sill!