Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A lack of bloggage

Well it's been too long, again. I know it. After my last post, there was work, and then all the fabulousness that comes along with Easter. The family, the church services, the amazing message of the resurrection. It was so wonderful, and wonderfully busy, so blogging took the back burner.  Then Monday came along and I got to spend some lovely time with one of my best friends who has just moved back from San Francisco (yay!), then later in the night, I went out with another friend and in the middle of catching up, I got a call from work... odd, yes?

Apparently I marked my calendar wrong, and I was supposed to be at work, not at dinner. Ugh. It's a terrible feeling. I raced into work, and here it is Wednesday night and I'm finally getting a chance to catch up with life after the weekend and spending the last two nights at work.

There is a lot going on lately, and I miss Project Do Something. When I started taking The M, I sort of made that my "DO SOMETHING."  The last few days of the class, however, have been more Photoshop based, and while I am looking forward to mastering those skills (or at least dabbling with them a bit, I'm holding off because I honestly don't have the patience to sit in front my computer for long periods of time. I'd rather be out there with my camera taking the pictures. Unfortunately, I also don't have many opportunities to take photos with other people. I wish I had busted out my camera out last Monday when I was with my friends, and that on Easter, when I noticed that beautiful golden glow coming in the window, I wish I'd gotten my family outside for some quick snap shots. But I didn't and instead I spent that time enjoying being with everyone and catching up.  I did get outside for a few minutes, and before I was called back in for dinner, I did snap these two photos that I love.

This one of the lily is my favorite. I love that the one lily in the background is heart shaped.

I've got a different project to work on tomorrow and Friday, and I am excited to share it on here. It ties together my crafty side with all my wedding planning, so you'll get to see a bit of what's going on on that end as well.