Monday, July 2, 2012

good morning July

Someone please tell me where all the time is going? June came and went in a flash. I think there was some event or party or thing to do on every weekend I wasn't working, and every other day off too. What a jam-packed and fun month. I had so many plans for blog posts for the end of the month, but it all got away from me and there were places to go and things to do.  

But now here we are in July (btw - "JULY" is a VERY weird word when you stare at it too long!). So far it's been a good month full of family and fun. Today I'm off with E to go wedding ring and furniture shopping -YAY!

We're fully in summertime now, and inching closer to the wedding every day - only 102 days left! Hard to believe. With that, I am determined that July will be as productive as ever... so it's time for some goals. This month I want to focus on solid, practical goals, and hopefully continue on with the goals of last month.


  • Balance sleep - I tend to either get too much sleep or too little. This month, I want to find that happy medium and avoid being completely exhausted all the time. 
  • Take more pictures -  a friend of mine Instagramed (is that a word now?) a photo-a-day July project that I am going to attempt this month, getting me behind the lens and seeing more through it - expect posts!!
  • Blog consistently - I know, I know, I've said that before, and then I disappear for a week. My schedule is all over the place and I want to focus on making this blog a part of that craziness. But bare with me, sometimes I can't handle it all at once. I'm getting there. There are definitely plans (still in my head) about this month. 
  • Send off my disposable camera for the swap. I've got the camera, but I've been slacking on the pictures, wanting to do something cool and exciting with it, but not sure what. So this morning (thanks again to the gardener!), I looked up some more fun techniques on how to mess with the disposable for some (hopefully!) cool shots! More on that later.
One more goal, just to be at an even 5....

  • Complete June goals - or continue them. I think my first attempt at goals was a bit all over the place, but good none the less. I want to keep working at them, and I love that even though the month is over, I don't feel totally defeated and not having completed them. This is out of character for me, in a good way. I still need to work on a tan by wearing more skirts (I'll remember that today when I finally change out of my PJs); I'm still looking for the tan-line-free bathing suit; I'm still working on those 5 lbs, although at one point this month there was a few pounds dropped (though I think last night's dinner and margaritas may have undone that!); I still DEFINITELY need to CHILL OUT!; and living in a complaint free world is a lot harder than it sounds - I'm working on it!.
So there you have it. July in a nutshell. We'll see how it goes. Expect more blogs, more updates, and hopefully more pictures! Happy Summer!!