Monday, July 9, 2012



Saturday we went for a 10.5 mile training walk from Manhattan Beach to Redondo Beach, since we're only a few months away from the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer! It was a perfect day for a walk - overcast with a light breeze - at least in the morning. And what a perfect day to have the day's photo be of gardens. The Strand is so full of beautiful beachfront homes, and each has it's own cute little garden area.  We had a great walk and a delish breakfast somewhere in Hermosa Beach.  I didn't feel too sore the next day, but I definitely need to keep walking and train more! It's almost here!!

Day 8: LUNCH - or in this case, "lunner" - lunch and dinner

Sunday gave us a chance to celebrate my grandma's 79th birthday as a family. My aunt and her family were acting like they were just taking her out for dinner, but the rest of us met them there to surprise her! Of course, the first thing she said was, "did you all know we were going to come here?!"  !! Really!?  She's the sweetest. But back to the picture - "lunch" was absolutely amazing - Manager's special, pasta with Clam Sauce and Mizithra Cheese and browned butter. YUM!!!!  Needless to say I went to work after and didn't feel hungry until over 12 hours later - I was stuffed! But it was so good!

Still searching for an idea for today's photo "BIG." My grandma is coming over for dinner and more birthday celebrations, since today's the real day. Maybe there will be some inspiration there, Until then...