Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In My Life

Loving: that it's September and that fall clothes and drinks and decorations are starting to pop up again. This is followed by: "not loving" that it's still 84 degrees outside and that I really had to stop myself from buying boots last night because I know it's still going to be this sweltering for at least a month. Also followed by "hoping" that it's not scorching hot on my wedding day.   But I digress. I am also LOVING that E and I got out marriage license last week and made our first major purchase as a couple - our bedroom set! The first of many big purchases in the next few months I am sure, but it was very fun and VERY exciting.  Also loving that today has been a very productive day and continues to be.  There is lots to get done and I'm getting it done!

Reading: um... blogs?  I really haven't been in the book mood lately. My mind is a little too all over the place to settle down and focus. I've been trying to sit down and read my BlogLovin' feed in the mornings, to get a fix on what's going on in the world, but that's about it. I've been reading a lot on Soule Mama and I love her post today about her daughter's birthday studio. Her pictures seem like they are out of a book. I hope that when I have a daughter, she's as creative. But really, I am secretly hoping for my own studio like that! 

Watching: SEASON 5 of HIMYM. I made it this far, I'm not giving up now! I have only a few more episodes til I'm caught up with E, and season 7 starts in a few weeks, so I best get on it. This also explains why reading hasn't really happened lately. Also, I suggested to E that when we get a dog, we should name him Ted Mosby. That way, you can always say, "haaaaaaaaaaaave you met Ted?"  LEGENDARY! Right?

Listening: to the coffee pot brew a fresh pot. I love that sound, and the smell. Especially when it's chilly and you taste that first fresh cup. Not that it's cold out, but I am sitting underneath the AC vent, so I'm just about freezing and getting that chilled fall effect. Perfect. And the coffee is amazing.

Thinking: about when I'm going to see E again. And thinking about how to do my hair for the wedding. I have one more trial coming up on Saturday before my shower, and I'm ebbing toward doing some kind of part-up part-down do, rather than all up like I was originally thinking. I just love my hair, and I feel like it should play a party on my wedding day, or at least make an appearance.  Not sure. Anyone have any ideas?

Looking forward: to my wedding shower! It's this Saturday and I know very little about it and that's so exciting! I can't wait to be surprised and see what everyone has come up with. My lovely aunts and cousins are throwing it for me, so I know it's going to be fabulous. I just hope the weather isn't too ridiculously humid ...and hot. But either way, it's still going to be amazing!