Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The first tasty morsel

Two days until Thanksgiving and the prep has begun. I think I've been to a grocery store every day in the last week. Just about.  Yesterday we bought the bulk of everything and today there were trips to the Armenian markets in town, and off to pick up some more fresh cranberries, as I bought the first batch too long ago and sadly, they went bad.  

But today the prep begins... all before heading off to work  tonight. The first part of our meal to be completed is the Cranberry Orange Pomegranate Relish.   It's super easy. Just add one 12 oz bag of cranberries and one cut up navel orange and about a 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup sugar (or just do it to taste).  Pulse it all together in the food processor, then garnish or mix in pomegranate seeds when it's finished and VOILA! A yummy turkey topping.  

Of course, we have a brand new food processor that I've never used before. And I didn't read through all the instructions all the way. So I didn't figure out how to "pulse" everything and just saw the one way to turn it on. So my relish is a little more pureed that it should be normally (it should look more like a relish), but whatever. The pomegranate seeds add some texture to it and it still tastes delicious. My tongue still feels the tingle of the fruits mixed up together. YUM!

Bon appetite!