Friday, December 21, 2012

And the stockings were hung.... the chimney with care. There you have it! The completed stockings. I wish I could show you some awesome progress pictures, but I'm afraid that if I had taken them, all you would have seen was a giant mess of red thread and corduroy scraps. It was really a mess, but considering this was really only the second project I've ever taken on on my sewing machine... and the first in about 3 years, I think they're pretty darn spectacular. 

Sure one's a little wider than the other. And that other is a little bumpier than the first. But HEY! That's what makes them special. I learned a lot making these stockings, just like I've learned a lot in this first Christmas being married. 

They aren't quite finished yet. I'm planning of finding some cute iron-on letters, an "E" and an "A" to properly claim our Santa knows which one to fill with gifts (mine) and which to fill with coal (not mine!). Just kidding!  ;)