Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Re-cap



Well - MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I hope you all had as lovely of a Christmas season as we did. Despite all the panic and worry about how this Christmas was going to be so different. It seems that once we were in it and just being a part of Christmas, it wasn't so hectic. Sure it had it's hiccups and it's moments when I stopped and looked back and realized how much things had changed, and it was a little bit sad at times. But I chose not to dwell for the day (ok, at least as much as I could). 

We had a nice two days, spending the night of Christmas Eve with E's family, then heading home to make sure Santa wouldn't skip our house (yes, we are big kids at heart). On Christmas morning... well, as you can see from the pictures...Santa came. But we had forgotten to leave out some goodies... good thing he know's where the kitchen is, because he found them anyway and left us a little note!  And he brought us goodies too. It was good to know that the stockings I made were strong enough to handle to loot and not fall to the floor in pieces!  And Santa... with the help of his little elf, me a new bike for Christmas!  I have to say, even at 25 years old, waking up to a bicycle in the living room with a giant bow on it is a pretty amazing thing!  

After we tore open all the presents (seriously, I wish I had a picture of the looked like we have 4 children in this house with the way there was paper, just us!), we made up a yummy breakfast of waffles and eggs and ham, and coffee and tea. We sat and watched the Disneyland Christmas Parade and then fell asleep again.  We spent the morning resting and relaxing before getting ready and heading over to my mom's house. It was good to be back and helping in the kitchen. We got to spend a few hours together opening presents and cooking before everyone else came. And of course, the night is not complete unless Santa visits on his way home to the North Pole. E and I got to take a picture (fortunately) without having to sing a song for it.  It was a fun and happy night, a lovely Christmas. Different, but lovely just the same. 

I have to say though, I am getting excited for the New Year. 2013 is going to hold a lot. A lot of challenges and a lot of fun. I'm looking into a few personal challenges I might take on like the One Little Word project started by Ali Edwards that I heard about through Elise's blog. I really like Elise's choice of the word BRAVE... but I think I need to pick something that is my own and holds a specific meaning to me for the year 2013.  And ... I might even start my own Project Life document our first whole year together. We'll see. No worries, I will be documenting it all here on this blog. Enjoy the last bits of 2012!


P.S. What do you all think of the new name??  I love that it was created at 0230 in the morning while at work. I loved it when I chose it and I love it more and more every time I think of it! I'm ready for the new blog start!