Friday, January 25, 2013

Life around here

Good morning. I know I've gone missing these past few days, but I'm still here. It's been busy around here. I just got home from work and I'm ready to head off to bed for a few hours before getting up to get some grocery shopping done, start on soup #4 (!), and bake a cake. It's my mama's birthday tomorrow and I'm getting into celebration mode, but first, there is cooking to be done!

These are just a few shots from my week.  I've been chopping lots of veggies for soups and dinners. That grapefruit was broiled in the oven with some brown sugar...that's what's dark around the edges, not mold. ;)  And E and I worked on the very first part of our backyard garden this week. We turned and tilled the soil (yes, tilling is my new favorite part), and we planted some lavender, ornamental kale, and Icelandic poppies. I'll post about our new and exciting plants soon! 

For now, I am off to catch some ZZzzz's before they catch me. Goodnight! 


P.S. Over 5,000 views on the blog - thank you!!!!!!