Monday, March 11, 2013

Choose Thrive

Somehow it's March already, and somehow the beginning of the month has passed. I'm not sure where I stand with this whole OLW business. I got all super motivated after last month's post, and that lasted all of 5 minutes. But I am choosing to not let that dissuade me. This month is going to start bringing a lot of newness for me. Primarily in switching over to day shift at work.  It's going to mean taking a few steps backward and re-learning a lot of skills, it's going to mean stepping it up time management wise, and learning how to multitask even more at work. 

It's funny though. A few weeks ago when switching to the day shift was still under debate, I was feeling really anxious about it all. Now that it's almost here (I start this Sunday!), I am starting to feel more at ease about it. I know it's going to be a challenge the first couple of shifts...and maybe even more. But that just comes with change. And we need change to grown. This change is going to mean that I get regular night. It means getting to sleep in my own bed every night. Getting to spend more time with E and with my family. It's going to mean better relationships, and finally getting to see my friends again! And it's going to be hard, and I can sit in the corner shivering in fear, but that won't get me anywhere. This month, I am choosing to go for it, to learn, to embrace it. I am choosing to THRIVE.