Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014!

I know it's the 2nd of January, so we're a little late with this post. I always felt like the first "clean slate" day of the year has always been January 2. Let's be honest, we're all still enjoying the festivities (cake, candy, an overindulgent brunch, whatever it is) on the 1st. The party is still going on then. On the 2nd, we go back to work, clean up, and now we're ready to start the new year.  Plus I worked all day yesterday and couldn't get a post up.

Regardless. Happy New Year! We had an amazing 2013 full of big trips (Italy!) and little trips (Vegas! San Diego!); we grew lots of veggies in our garden and we grew together in our marriage. 2013 had it's good times and not so good times, but overall it was really amazing. It was our first full year together as a married couple and we've learned so much.  Goodbye 2013, you were pretty darn fabulous.

Hello 2014. We know you've got a lot in store for us and we are so ready to take it on! Bring it!